Friday, November 27, 2009

Mountain Climbing

It was a week ago today that Amy and I left Asheville and headed to Boerne to be with her family after hearing about her brother's death.
What a long week.
I know that it has felt to Amy like she has a mountain to climb every day.
She never knows what lies around each turn, what challenges she will face, what ascents will be the most difficult of the day. The things that seem to be the most hard at the beginning of the day-don't always turn out that way. Instead, little moments jump up and catch you off-guard resulting in tears, frustration and the desire to turn away, run or lash out.

It has been really hard.
Tomorrow, Amy returns to Asheville.
Yet another mountain as she leaves Texas.
Leaving her parents.
Leaving her freshman sister home alone.
Going back to college to take finals.
All in the face of mourning the loss of her brother.
Let the mountain climbing continue.

Feel free to keep us all in your thoughts as each day will undoubtedly be difficult.

I wanted to give you all the link to John's obituary: Obituary
As well as a letter that was so wonderfully written by the Boerne Superintendent regarding John's death that was sent out to the entire district: Superintendent's Letter (Click on Mourning One of Our Own)

In lieu of any flowers, the family asked for donations to Boerne Young Life.
If you would like to make a donation, you can do that here: Young Life Boerne Donation Page

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