Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now That They're Over

What will I do every night?

P.S. What will I argue about with Ben Johnson who insists that none of the Winter Olympians are real Olympians?
He says this because he thinks he could be on the next Gold Medal winning bobsled team.
I know.
But seriously. Did you see Steven Holcomb?
Not a picture of fitness eh?
Thank goodness I don't have to wear head-to-toe spandex to prove my fitness level.

Cooper River Bridge Run 2010 | Charleston, South Carolina 29401 | Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 8:00 AM

Yes, that's 40,000 people running at the same time.

I just registered Matt and I to run with a bunch of our leaders at:
Cooper River Bridge Run 2010 | Charleston, South Carolina 29401 | Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 8:00 AM

Yay for challenging the crap out of ourselves!
Who wants to watch our kids that weekend?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Would You...

Would You Rather...

Be able to hear any conversation?


Take back anything you say?

Answer in the comments!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gold Medal Advertising

Last Saturday night, we attended the American Advertising Federation Awards in Asheville (or the Addy's) because Big Bridge had submitted some of our work from this past year to be considered by the Asheville Advertising Federation.

We ended up winning TWO Gold Awards and a Silver for work we did this past year, which is to be considered a big deal in our field. They are sending on the Gold Award projects to the Regional Competition.
This is just one small piece of the collateral that won a Gold Award.

We were really proud to have been recognized for this work and especially by other "professionals" in the biz....

It was a great night and hopefully it will lead to more business for us!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Thursday

Who knows how long it's been since I have shared Robert Tilton the Farting Preacher with you all.
It's been far too long in my opinion.

Isn't that SOMETHING?

Your Face is Killing Me

Yesterday, I dropped my kids off at their little school and when I bent to kiss Lucy good-bye, she simultaneously jumped up and I smashed my nose into the top of her head.

I yelled out "MOTHER....OF PEARL!!!"

Then my nose started bleeding.

I had to be off on my day so I left.
I spent the morning working and when I came back and picked the kids up...the teacher and I had a good hearty laugh about my choice of words around the preschoolers.

A few minutes later we were in the car on our way and settled down when I realized my face REALLY hurt. I mean, it really hurt.
I called my doctor's office and they were able to squeeze me in.

Thankfully, I did NOT break my nose.
But I am bruised a little bit, swollen AND it hurts still.

Anybody else have this happen to them or am I the only lucky one in the universe?

Weekend's Are For Sunshine

And by sunshine, I mean cousins from New Jersey.

My sister and her two kids came down on an e-saver on Saturday for the weekend and it was glorious.

The weather was beautiful.
The children cooperated.
We ate.
We played.
They slept. Ish.

It was amazing.
Especially since about a year total separates all four of them. Don't believe me?

No we didn't dress them the same ALL weekend, but we were tempted to.
They were hilarious.

Especially these two, who are pretending to be Jedi's. When this happened (the whole Jedi obsession thing) I don't know. But we are going with it.

There was another e-saver this weekend and don't think we weren't tempted.
I have a feeling you will be seeing more of these posts in the future.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Is the Cutest?

Somedays I have to wonder.

And then I click here to find out.
It's true, you know.

Thanks Erin!

Friday, February 19, 2010

How Tweet It Is

Everybody hates paying their cable bill right?

I have been wondering for quite some time when we all agreed that paying $100 for television and $100 (or more) for cell phone service was a "necessity".

Last Fall our cable service switched from one service provider that was doing the job in a decent manner for a decent price to a new company that had no prior knowledge of the field, they just "wanted to buy a cable company". That was a quote from our local paper.

The changeover did not go smoothly.
We had no service (television or internet) for over a week.
Then when it was restored our channel menu didn't work, which meant our DVR service didn't work. Which is annoying. But no big deal.

Then they didn't send us a bill for three months.
Finally they got in order and the bill was for over $550.
Due immediately.
At Christmas.

I don't think so.
I tried to sweet talk them.
I tried to "Consumerist" them.
I tried to tell them I was going to get a satellite dish.
I cut back my services and they offered me a $15 discount-which they never actually gave to me.
Nothing worked.

I've spent the last three months painfully paying off this bill.

Yesterday on Twitter, someone I was following mentioned that they were "at my cable company's office".
I replied "Let them know that I hate them-kay?"
He started direct messaging me to find out why.
Turns out he was able to help-because he is the customer services senior rep.
I just follow him on his personal account and I didn't know it.
My bill just got slashed everybody!


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Its the annual Lent post.

Ash Wednesday was yesterday.
I went to services last night and both kids totally freaked out over seeing Ashes on my forehead.
I had to spend the better part of the night explaining to them why they were there, it didn't work. All they kept saying was, "I don't want that."

Ok then.

But the point of Lent?
To point out that we really need Jesus.
The end.

How do we do this?
Some people do this by instilling disciplines in their lives that are bigger than themselves that point out (in some way) that they are not good enough on their own. Perhaps, a discipline that is just out of reach.

This year?
I am attempting to not raise my voice.
I realized that I do. A lot.
To my kids. To Matt. In my head. In my car.

So there you go.
Not for glory am I telling you, which is the opposite of the point. But for accountability.
I already failed by the way.
I totally need for Jesus to have died on the cross on Easter.

I realized that I raise my voice because I am angry.
Why am I angry?
Because I am not content.
Because I want to be in charge.
Of everything.
And when things don't go my way, I get frustrated, flustered and angry.
And I lose sight of the fact that this is not the end all, be all of life and I let everyone have it.

So I am going to try to give it up.
For 40 days.
And hopefully for the rest of my life.
Because I am going to see the goodness of God in my life.

I hope.
I pray.
That is the point of Lent.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just in Time for AFTER Valentines Day

Maybe since its the days FOLLOWING Valentines Day you found out that you might want to give your game a little refresher.

Billboard has given us a guide for this time in life.
The top 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time.To be sure, the list is MORE songs that have to do with the actual ACT of sex as opposed to actually being sexy. So they are almost all my favorite songs. What does that have to say about me?
I am not going to give you the pleasure of all 50 songs.

But I will give you a few highlights like:

#49 She Bop-Cyndi Lauper
Apparently this one has a hidden meaning that is much like the not ranked
"I Touch Myself"
I never put those lyrics together myself-not that it's such a mystery since I was 6 when that song came out.

#41-Johnny Gill Rub You The Right Way
Do you feel the magic in his hands?
By the way, this song is from 1991. I thought for sure, 1987.

#35-Poison-Unskinny Bop
One of my favorite all time songs. It might be the greatest song to run to EVER. Sexiest? Natch.

#24-R Kelly-Ignition
It's just a song that makes me think of college. I have no idea.

#23-Bel Biv Devoe-Do Me!
What else needs to be said with a title like that?
If you WANT to watch the video, feel free to visit YouTube yourselves.

#20-Starland Vocal Band-Afternoon Delight
If you don't think this is the greatest song ever, I will fight you.

#14-Color Me Badd-I Wanna Sex You Up
Mmmhmm Classy. Let the video play for about 20 seconds. The sound will catch up. It's worth it.

Color Me Badd - I wanna sex you up

Jimbob | MySpace Video

#10-Rod Stewart-Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Nope. No I don't. And, this is maybe the worst song of all time.
I'm mad this made it on any top ten list.

#7-Captain and Tennille-Do that to Me One More Time
I have to wonder if they switched up the judges for the top ten list...

#3-Boys II Men-I'll Make Love to You
Alright, pass

#1-Olivia Newton John-Let's Get Physical
I'm serious.

But now that I have seen the video, I GET IT.
You can't help but laugh.

Who's all hot and bothered?
Yeesh. What a crappy list.
The rest of the list can be found here:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vision of Love

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to you all!
Well, maybe not to all of you.

For those of you with love on your might have had what we call a Vision of Love in your life.

Maybe not.
We don't really refer to that as a real thing at all.

But back in November I downloaded this song onto my ipod and well, let's just say that there have been many MANY MANY sing-along sessions since then.

One of the reasons why I love my husband so much?
He might know the words to this song better than I do. And he can hit the notes.
Impressive no?

Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to.

And sing loudly. But maybe wait until a coworker is in the room to sway back and forth WITH you. Cause you'll want to. Also, feel free to do that run of notes at the end with abandon. It's your own personal American Idol. Go now.
Celebrate a Vision of Love. There ain't no shame in that game.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Matter of Degrees

I went to Fresh Market earlier this week specifically to buy flowers. They didn't have the ones I wanted. But nonetheless I persevered.

Doesn't this picture just make it seem like Spring and Bunnies. Warm Sunshine. Dresses without Tights. Like any day now we could just up and go to the beach if we wanted?

But look just over the top of those flowers and a sense of reality sets in. Snow from a storm that is over two weeks old remains, with new layers of snow on top of it. Now as I type this, a fresh three inches of "pow pow" is falling from the sky.

The only good thing is that 1) it is a REALLY pretty snow. 2) I am starting to get pretty good at being stuck inside. I just made sourdough bread. Seriously. 3) My dog slept in until 11:30 this morning to avoid going outside. What dog does that? But I'm not complaining.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just don't tell my husband that DJ Jazzy Jeff is going to be there. That only sweetens the deal.

Aren't I somebody's wonderful Valentine these days?

Saved By the Bell

Since we are stuck inside for yet another day we are all watching videos. We joined netflix. We are making videos. We have played Wii until our shoulders are thrown out.

But my husband came home from work triumphant yesterday because he had the ultimate YouTube video to share.
Saved By the Bell GOLD.

GOLD I tell you.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin Fever

And the only cure is: More Cowbell


My friend over at just posted this picture and link to where you can buy a scarf like this for your dog.
In other news, they just cancelled a high wind warning and gave us a blizzard warning until tomorrow.
I believe a new purchase for Slappy is in order.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If you stand close enough to the screen and hold your palms up to it,
you can feel 7:24pm in August somewhere.
It's like gas logs in February for your soul.

Monday, February 8, 2010

If I Ever Find That Groundhog...

Last week, my kids were out of school several days thanks to snow storms. Then on Thursday night/Friday/Saturday we had another snow storm and we have YET another one coming tonight and still another coming potentially this weekend.

Our kids school celebrated "Groundhog Day" on the one day that they were actually in session last week and it got me thinking:

Has Spring ever ACTUALLY arrived on March 1st? I mean, anywhere but in Columbia, SC (the hottest location on the planet?)

I have never seen it arrive here in Asheville regardless of Pauxatawny Phil or Nibbles the Groundhog from the WNC Nature Center. Stop it already.

Just stop providing hope of Spring being just 26 days away.
It will get warm when it gets warm.
In April. And even then, it could still snow. Blurgh.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffee Moment

Last week, we were watching a show called "The Middle" on ABC (8:30 on Wednesday's) and I found myself laughing outloud. HARD.

This show was killing me.

Mostly because of this little clip right here:

Mom's aren't allowed to turn off their cell phones and take a few minutes to themselves!

Seriously, check out this show. You will laugh-I think whether you are a mom or not.
Universal truth is universal comedy. If you can't laugh, you'll cry.

Also, you might end up having a fight at the end of the night if your husband doesn't watch with you and you try to rehash why this one scene made you laugh so hard...might as well make him watch too. (The dad/husband is really great in the show)