Monday, February 8, 2010

If I Ever Find That Groundhog...

Last week, my kids were out of school several days thanks to snow storms. Then on Thursday night/Friday/Saturday we had another snow storm and we have YET another one coming tonight and still another coming potentially this weekend.

Our kids school celebrated "Groundhog Day" on the one day that they were actually in session last week and it got me thinking:

Has Spring ever ACTUALLY arrived on March 1st? I mean, anywhere but in Columbia, SC (the hottest location on the planet?)

I have never seen it arrive here in Asheville regardless of Pauxatawny Phil or Nibbles the Groundhog from the WNC Nature Center. Stop it already.

Just stop providing hope of Spring being just 26 days away.
It will get warm when it gets warm.
In April. And even then, it could still snow. Blurgh.

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