Friday, February 19, 2010

How Tweet It Is

Everybody hates paying their cable bill right?

I have been wondering for quite some time when we all agreed that paying $100 for television and $100 (or more) for cell phone service was a "necessity".

Last Fall our cable service switched from one service provider that was doing the job in a decent manner for a decent price to a new company that had no prior knowledge of the field, they just "wanted to buy a cable company". That was a quote from our local paper.

The changeover did not go smoothly.
We had no service (television or internet) for over a week.
Then when it was restored our channel menu didn't work, which meant our DVR service didn't work. Which is annoying. But no big deal.

Then they didn't send us a bill for three months.
Finally they got in order and the bill was for over $550.
Due immediately.
At Christmas.

I don't think so.
I tried to sweet talk them.
I tried to "Consumerist" them.
I tried to tell them I was going to get a satellite dish.
I cut back my services and they offered me a $15 discount-which they never actually gave to me.
Nothing worked.

I've spent the last three months painfully paying off this bill.

Yesterday on Twitter, someone I was following mentioned that they were "at my cable company's office".
I replied "Let them know that I hate them-kay?"
He started direct messaging me to find out why.
Turns out he was able to help-because he is the customer services senior rep.
I just follow him on his personal account and I didn't know it.
My bill just got slashed everybody!



robin said...

oh hail yes! vive la twitter!

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lovin some twitter, and your blog (just found it!)