Friday, February 12, 2010

A Matter of Degrees

I went to Fresh Market earlier this week specifically to buy flowers. They didn't have the ones I wanted. But nonetheless I persevered.

Doesn't this picture just make it seem like Spring and Bunnies. Warm Sunshine. Dresses without Tights. Like any day now we could just up and go to the beach if we wanted?

But look just over the top of those flowers and a sense of reality sets in. Snow from a storm that is over two weeks old remains, with new layers of snow on top of it. Now as I type this, a fresh three inches of "pow pow" is falling from the sky.

The only good thing is that 1) it is a REALLY pretty snow. 2) I am starting to get pretty good at being stuck inside. I just made sourdough bread. Seriously. 3) My dog slept in until 11:30 this morning to avoid going outside. What dog does that? But I'm not complaining.

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