Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend's Are For Sunshine

And by sunshine, I mean cousins from New Jersey.

My sister and her two kids came down on an e-saver on Saturday for the weekend and it was glorious.

The weather was beautiful.
The children cooperated.
We ate.
We played.
They slept. Ish.

It was amazing.
Especially since about a year total separates all four of them. Don't believe me?

No we didn't dress them the same ALL weekend, but we were tempted to.
They were hilarious.

Especially these two, who are pretending to be Jedi's. When this happened (the whole Jedi obsession thing) I don't know. But we are going with it.

There was another e-saver this weekend and don't think we weren't tempted.
I have a feeling you will be seeing more of these posts in the future.


Michelle said...

What?! I thought you knew we'd be arriving at noon this Saturday.
I wish.
But only if you can PROMISE the same warm, sunny weather AND that my kids would sleep well this time.
Love all you SOOOOO much. Thanks for an awesome visit. It was really fun to see Robin, Spooner, and Natalie too. We'll def be back soon!

Michelle said...

And of course...your Amy Knoll. Can you please clone her or loan her to me? She is so sweet & wonderful!