Friday, February 29, 2008

Thought for the Day

Do you ever walk into your bathroom where for some reason the toilet seat is up? Say your children lifted the seat, or your husband, it really doesn't matter. You see the seat up and are HORRIFIED by how disgusting the underside of the toilet seat is?

It makes you wonder all kinds of things. Such as, how many people have been in my house and used this toilet while it has looked like this? How many of THEM have lifted the seat and seen this filth? What kind of person am I; that has lived with this contaminated toilet AND have not even noticed it?

And the most important question...who is this person in my house, that I LIVE WITH and LOVE that would create such a scenario and not tip me off that we are now living IN A GAS STATION bathroom situation? Why would THEY not think enough to simply wipe the cold, hard rim with even one single square of toilet paper so as to not make me want to throw up?

Who, who would leave such a task to me?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our house on Ice

Last night the weather turned nasty here. Starting around 6pm we were getting some freezing rain, it changed over to snow around 10pm and the snow fell all night long and intermittently during the day today.

As I was going to bed last night, I walked into our room and it was FREEZING. Typically, our room is the coldest in the house, but it was unusually cold. I thought it was because we had left the blinds open during the dark hours and went to bed. I woke up about an hour later and asked Matt to turn up the thermostat. He did.

Around 6am, Asher woke up wanting his pacifier (yes, he still sleeps with a pacifier) and I had to find it. As I went back to bed, I checked the thermostat and it said "62". That's right, 62 freakin' degrees INSIDE my house. To some of you experiencing, ahem "the change" that might sound like heaven, but with two kids in the middle of the winter...this was not good. So I did a double-take and somehow our furnace got turned off! OFF. As in no HEAT in the middle of a snow storm. Granted, we only received an inch of snow, but the high is supposed to be 29 today. Fahrenheit.

I turned the heat back on and went to bed. It is now 1:30 and the house has just gotten back up to its optimal temperature of 70. Yikes. I was shivering all night long, I can only imagine just how cold my kids were! Thankfully they were both wearing blanket sleeper pajamas. If you don't know what these are, picture footy jammys that are fleece. I think that they were still cozy all night. Not so much for me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Full Disclosure Week 4

Since my family was in town this past week, I only made it to the gym three times...but I stayed off of the sweets and I was a bit more active than usual thanks to four kids running around my house!

So here is week four: 136.6

Yay! I lost a pound and am about a pound and half from where I would like to maintain. I mean, who wouldn't love to be below 130? But at that point I might have to buy new clothes and I am comfortable at 135. So, a pound and half doesn't seem too unobtainable! That is great fun.

This is the last week of the staff challenge, but it has been so motivating I might try to keep it up. At least four days a week of exercise seems doable. I registered today to do a 12k trail run in the Dupont Forest on March 8 and I am thinking about a triathlon in June and possibly registering for the NYC Marathon lottery again.

I need to make up time with work obligations this week, so blogging might fall to the background again. But, it might also be something that I do obsessively as a way to put off my work! Haha!

How are all of you out there in blogland doing with your workout disciplines? Just a reminder, spring is a mere 25 days away! Are your legs ready for shorts weather?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kissing Cousins

My sister Shellie, her two kids and my parents all came to visit this sorry for the lack of posts. There literally was not enough time in the day to keep this blog updated! It was insane in the house, I mean four kids under the age of four. We called it the "Playdate that never ended!" Sometimes that was a good thing and sometimes it was not!

I have much to update you on, but I will do so later. For now, the pictures will have to speak a thousand words. Click on the flickr badge and check them out!

I will leave you with my favorite just to get you to go:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Real Simple Tip of the Week

I was just reading my March issue of Real Simple and they have a review on washing machines.
I have a washing machine and a dryer. But I hate them. I absolutely want a new set. But I absolutely do not have the money for a new set when I have a pair that work. But they don't work that great.

My dryer is from my mom and dad. They gave it to us as a hand-me-down seven years ago. And I am pretty sure that it is 25 years old. The buzzer goes for at least one minute long at the most alarming volume possible. It is inefficient and during our first year of marriage, I never checked Matt's pockets for items. He always left things in the pockets like Sharpie Markers or Chap-Stick. Did you know that Chap-Stick is ACTUALLY WAX? And it never comes out of a dryer? So occasionally...not that often, but occasionally clothes will emerge from the dryer with a big wax stain across it. Love ruining clothes. But it dries things and so it works. It is also yellow/beige and it is so ugly.

My washing machine was bought seven years ago as well and it just doesn't get the job done nearly like I like. Water doesn't run during the rinse cycle like it ought to and so our clothes often have to be run through the rinse cycle twice in order to get all of the suds out. What does this mean? Stains don't come out quite like they ought to simply because not enough water is getting to it.

All of this is to be said because Real Simple was reviewing washing machines and made me realize that I really do want a new set. How 1950's housewife is that?

But the Real Simple Tip of the Week is this: "If you out a 1,000-rpm washing machine on the second floor without shock absorbers, it will shake the entire floor during the spin cycle. Don't worry if your machine is in the basement or the ground floor since they are reinforced."

I hadn't thought about if your washer is on the second floor of your house. Ours is in our basement, but since we are looking for new houses; this is now something to consider! Who knows if I will get a new set when we move. I feel like we ought to buy a new set simply for appearances when selling our house. Nothing too fancy, but simple and we can make it a conveyance on our house. Anyone have any thoughts on this subject? Would an ugly washer and dryer make you not want to buy a house?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Full Disclosure Week 3

I have been faithful this week in going to Y everyday. Well except yesterday. It turns out that Friday's are the toughest day for me to schedule time there. Maybe I am feeling guilty over leaving my kids there, maybe I am tired from the long week, maybe I am just busier than usual on Fridays. Whatever the reason, it didn't work out yesterday. But this morning, the kids and I headed downtown and managed to get a really nice long workout in.

So the weigh in for this week brought me to: 137.4. Not too bad. I lost .6 pounds from last week and in the middle of the week, I actually saw the number 135 on the scale. But it is good to remember that so many things factor into what your weight is on a certain day of the week. Fluid intake, hormones and just as simple as what you had for dinner the night before...all of these things play a role. So I am not stressing the weight. At least I am not GAINING weight right?

Onto songs of the week to add to the list. All of these songs inspired me to run faster, longer and harder than I ever have in my life. Some you may recognize, some you may not. I don't care, it's MY list! Haha!

Here it is:
Let's Hear It for the Boy: Denise Williams (classic 80's tune)
We're Not Gonna Take It: Twisted Sister
Unskinny Bop: Poison
Keep the Car Running: Arcade Fire
Mr. Brightside: The Killers
Fighter: Christina Aguilera
Istanbul Not Constantinople: They Might Be Giants
Daydream Believer: The Monkees
Dancing in the Dark: Bruce Springsteen

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh the Asheville YMCA

Our Y is such an interesting place. It really captures the "spirit" of Asheville with the stinky people, crazies, normal people (like me) and the older generation.

I am going to tell you what I saw last night. In the women's locker room.
I had worked out and was grabbing my bag out of the locker to leave when a woman who was; let's say...70 comes up next to me. She is wearing 1) a workout leotard 2) a pair of teal and green striped workout shorts AND 3) pantyhose. With socks and tennis shoes. PANTYHOSE. To work out in.

She began to get dressed to leave and what did she do? PUT ON ANOTHER PAIR OF SHORTS OVER HER CURRENT PAIR OF SHORTS. She had at minimum four layers on down below.

Oh and she was sporting a little braided rope head band too to top off the outfit. As she was leaving the locker room, I saw her slip her arms into a Members Only jacket.
Have Mercy.

BTW: Song of the Day was: The Tide Is High by Blondie

Monday, February 11, 2008

Can I just say?

Tina Turner was freakin' amazing last night?
I mean, she is 69 years old. And she killed it. Last night's Grammy Awards were the best I have seen in a long time. SO SO FUN. I love award show season!

And yes, I think they built nipples into her bustier.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Full Disclosure Week 2

Well, I didn't make it to the gym as often as I wanted to this week due to my migraine that required medication and then the subsequent stomach virus that struck our house on Tuesday.

So I gained a pound. Now I am at 138. A little disheartening but not terrible. I just have to get after it this week.'s all gaining muscle weight right???

I can't tell you how many times in my life I have stepped on the scale and said those words to myself. The aftermath of a brain messed up by coaches, weight trainers and dieticians in college.

So my favorite song of the week?
Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Yes, she is a crack addict who was denied a visa because of her crack habit. But that chick can sing. Check her out on the Grammy's tomorrow night.

And here is a little sercy for you:
this is what my house looks like almost every single night

yes duck calls, soccer and nakey time. Come on by around 7pm and this is what you will get.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lose the Hair

My friend Liz Simpers made this video of one of her high school girls getting her CRAZY long hair cut in one motion. It makes me nervous to watch it, but it looks like an amazing moment! Check it out:

Also, song of the day is a cheesy one, "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. It is really poppy and fun to run to! Annoying any other time to have on my ipod, but it was perfect around the 12 minute mark.

#2 song of the day?
Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. So so great for about a minute and then I needed to change it cause it got too repetitive, but it helped to get me over the hump!

Declutter Your Priorities

I just read this on and it resonated with me:

Saying “no”

One of the reasons people frequently claim that their home lives are in disarray and extremely stressful is because they’re never home. They would get to the mess in their garages if they just had more time or they would go through their stacks of mail if there were more hours in the day.

If the person is currently the primary caregiver for a sick child, parent, or spouse, I can see his or her point of view. That person is needed in a life-sustaining way and uncluttering the garage or mail may really be an impossible task.

In the majority of cases, however, the “never home” and “not enough time” claims are just excuses. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough time in a day, the problem is that they can’t say “no.”

Do you really need to be on five civic committees? Does your child have to be involved in every after school enrichment activity? Is there another job out there that is as fulfilling and financially rewarding as your current job, but without the insane work hours or horrendous commute?

Serving on one civic committee allows you to focus your time and efforts more effectively. One music lesson, one team sport, and valuable time with the family will be more rewarding for your child than endless after school activities that reduce family time. Changing jobs to improve your work-life balance is a worthwhile endeavor, especially when it means that you get to keep your sanity and happiness intact.

There are respectful ways to say “no” and then there are disrespectful ways. Obviously, I’m suggesting respectful, thoughtful, considerate ways of expressing regret:

I really appreciate the offer to chair X committee at church, but I wouldn’t be able to devote the time and level of interest that you’re seeking to do an effective, mindful job. At this time, I will have to decline.
Sally enjoyed being a Girl Scout last year, but this year she has decided to go out for the basketball team instead.
I realize that this sounds like passing the buck, and in a sense it is, but have you talked yet to Brian about his interest in project X? He and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about how he is looking to get more involved with your division and this might be a good way for him to learn more about your work.
Living a busy life can give us the sense of being needed and popular. Eventually, though, being the one to always say “yes” can become exhausting and stressful. Never being home in a relaxed state denies you the ability to re-energize and recuperate. Your home life will remain a mess until you take the time to be at home and give it proper attention. Learning to say “no” respectfully and in appropriate situations will help to put things back on track."

I definitely need to start saying no to things. It is not so much commitments that are running over my life, but the ways that I waste time around the house. TV, computer and other nonsense instead of taking advantage of time that I do have. My life is as busy and crazy as others and perhaps I ought to drop some of those things from my life. I will consider it! What about you? Does this sound like you?


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Picture of the Day

I realized that I hadn't used my camera in nearly a month, so I took the kids and we headed outside. Here is my favorite picture of the day:

All Is Well

So we are doing better, but just laying low in case we are still contagious. But Asher is doing laps around the kitchen island, so I guess he is feeling better.
We just took a bunch of pictures on the macbook that I thought would entertain you!

Day 3 missed

My kids little nursery school called yesterday and had me pick up the kids early because THEY were sick. How did I miss this?

Anyway, I took the kids to the doctor and on the way there I was struck with the worst migraine that I have ever had.

He gave me an imitrex (thank goodness) and told me the kids have a stomach virus. We came home and Matt took the kids so I could go to bed.

I got up in the evening and the kids went to bed. I was still feeling awful but managed to watch the Primary returns. Around 11:30, Asher starting throwing up. Yes, we officially have another stomach virus at our house.

So needless to say, I didn't get a workout in yesterday. And I doubt that I will manage one today since Matt is out of town until tomorrow and I can't take sicky to the Y. Maybe I can do a yoga class or something on InDemand.

But I was excited to hear that my mom has joined our workout club and that she has loved the challenge. Anyone else join and not let me know? Leave a comment!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 2

This morning we went to the Y and instead of my usual running routine, I went to spinning class. If you have never done one of these classes-I highly recommend it. Great music, someone else setting the tempo and no one knows if you are wimping out. 

Anyway, there were of course TWO great songs again today.

1. Daughter-Pearl Jam
This is just a great song from my high school years that makes me think of how fit I was and what my body looked like then. And then I regret eating the bag of Doritos and Vienna Fingers over the weekend.

2. Pump It Up-Elvis Costello
Pretty much might be the greatest song to ever work out to. It has an awesome beat, a fun song and it isn't a typical workout song. I heard it in class and came home and bought it off of itunes. I highly recommend it!

On a side note, the childwatch at our Y opened up an aerobics room for the kids this morning. They rolled out mats, yoga balls and played music. My kids didn't want to come home with me! But they were playing kids music, which is just kids singing your favorite pop songs. So Jump Around-by House of Pain came on and Asher heard the first two notes, ran over the music and started yelling "That's DADDY'S MUSIC!" 

I then attempted to explain to the women that Matt does programs for summer camp and this was his theme music. Oh and yes, he will turn 32 next month. 

They all looked at me like, "oh ok." 

Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the Way to Church

Asher heard a siren sound on the way to church this morning and he said, "I wanna see the 'trire fu**' mommy. I wanna see the 'trire fu**'!!!!"
He might have said it 15 times before we could stop trying to hold back our laughter and correct him on how to say "fire truck."

I mean, on the way to CHURCH.

Amazing moments in parenthood right there.

Disclosure, Week 1

I forgot to post this yesterday because it was such a nice day...we spent the whole day outside! 
But here it is. My weight on Feb. 2, the starting weight for the month was 137 pounds. 

Yikes, no matter what you think of that number, it is difficult to write and post it for the world to see! Hopefully it will be the start of something good! 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 1

I ran 35 minutes and managed to go 4.15 miles. It is actually the farthest that I have been able to run in that amount of time-so this little experiment helped me to push myself further than ever!

My shuffle mix however was no help what-so-ever. Most of the songs stunk today, but for two exceptions and here they are:

Surprise Motivating Song of the Day?
Always Be My Baby-Mariah Carey

This song is so fun and the drum beat is exactly what my running cadence was, so everytime my foot hit the treadmill I was on beat. It was a great motivator to keep up with the song around the 20 minute mark.

Obvious Song of the Day?
Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

I got off of the treadmill and headed over to the mats to do some abs and Eye of the Tiger came on. Where was that song when I was at 8.5mph and I had been running for 28 minutes? Instead, The Rising by Bruce Springsteen came on. It is a nice song but a bit slow. It was great for the cool down, but I would have much rather had Eye of the Tiger in the final two minutes of a hard run. This song is on everyone's running mix and so I wouldn't normally put it on here because I am looking for the surprising-makes-you-want-to-run-hills songs. This one is too obvious. But it did the trick during abs and push-ups.

You'll have to "weight" until tomorrow. Ugh. That was in honor of Mark Sloan, my father-in-law. 

A Reminder As We Head Into Super Tuesday

Once again, this is why I love South Carolina. Where else do you find city names like "Prosperity"?

It's a New Month

Matt has asked his staff to incorporate new daily disciplines into their routines this month. He does this often and they are VERY hard to actually do. I am posting this months challenge as a challenge to those who read this blog to also take part in this. The season of Lent begins next week, so it is always helpful to consider this time of year as a season of self-denial and start to remove the grip that certain vices may have on our lives.

Some people choose to keep their disciplines private in order for it to remain something just between them and God, but I need as many gold stars in my life as possible, as well as a forum for public shaming in order to keep me on my toes and actually do the things that I attempt to begin.

So with that being said, here is the months challenge: Exercise 30 minutes a day, Monday through Friday. Exercise can be many things, so for me it is going to mean continuously moving my body for 30 minutes straight.

In order to keep myself held accountable, I will post what kind of exercise I have done for the day. I will also post the most motivating song of the day, so that by the end of the month I will have a kick-a** playlist to run to. I will also post on Saturdays what my starting weight for the week was and what my weight was one week later. This is NOT about weight, but it helps to see how effective I am at what I am doing. Also, if I gain might motivate me to work harder. If I lose weight, maybe it will encourage you to begin an exercise regimen.

Mostly, this is just about me and how MUCH it helps me to be a better mom, wife and person when I am taking care of myself physically. During the season of Lent, I will add more disciplines into my life for the 40 day period. But for today, I just have to get 30 minutes under my belt! And hopefully, I will be able to tighten that belt even smaller by the end of the month. How about you? Will you incorporate any disciplines into your life this month? Share them here! (keep it clean please)