Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 2

This morning we went to the Y and instead of my usual running routine, I went to spinning class. If you have never done one of these classes-I highly recommend it. Great music, someone else setting the tempo and no one knows if you are wimping out. 

Anyway, there were of course TWO great songs again today.

1. Daughter-Pearl Jam
This is just a great song from my high school years that makes me think of how fit I was and what my body looked like then. And then I regret eating the bag of Doritos and Vienna Fingers over the weekend.

2. Pump It Up-Elvis Costello
Pretty much might be the greatest song to ever work out to. It has an awesome beat, a fun song and it isn't a typical workout song. I heard it in class and came home and bought it off of itunes. I highly recommend it!

On a side note, the childwatch at our Y opened up an aerobics room for the kids this morning. They rolled out mats, yoga balls and played music. My kids didn't want to come home with me! But they were playing kids music, which is just kids singing your favorite pop songs. So Jump Around-by House of Pain came on and Asher heard the first two notes, ran over the music and started yelling "That's DADDY'S MUSIC!" 

I then attempted to explain to the women that Matt does programs for summer camp and this was his theme music. Oh and yes, he will turn 32 next month. 

They all looked at me like, "oh ok." 

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Michelle said...

I love that--maybe there should be a CD available called "Daddy Music." Ours would include the Raiders theme song.