Friday, February 29, 2008

Thought for the Day

Do you ever walk into your bathroom where for some reason the toilet seat is up? Say your children lifted the seat, or your husband, it really doesn't matter. You see the seat up and are HORRIFIED by how disgusting the underside of the toilet seat is?

It makes you wonder all kinds of things. Such as, how many people have been in my house and used this toilet while it has looked like this? How many of THEM have lifted the seat and seen this filth? What kind of person am I; that has lived with this contaminated toilet AND have not even noticed it?

And the most important question...who is this person in my house, that I LIVE WITH and LOVE that would create such a scenario and not tip me off that we are now living IN A GAS STATION bathroom situation? Why would THEY not think enough to simply wipe the cold, hard rim with even one single square of toilet paper so as to not make me want to throw up?

Who, who would leave such a task to me?


Jill Rutland said...

ok, really. i just laughed by butt off. thanks for that...really needed it today. love and miss you..jill

Robin said...

you are NOT the only one.

men are gross.