Sunday, March 2, 2008

30 Years Ago

I was born. That means I am now 30.
Ten years ago, I was a sophomore in college living in Whaley's Mill with a buzz cut. Ten years from now, I will be 40 with a 12 year-old and a 10 year-old.

Right now is so consuming that I can not even imagine what life will look like then. And I can hardly remember what life was like at 20. Thank Jesus for both of those truths.

I had one of the best birthday's I have ever had.

About a week ago, Matt invited friends to come over to our house and celebrate my thirty years while my parents and sister were in town. It was a lovely time and humbling to hear from my friends what I mean to them. And last night, my closest girlfriends took me out for tappas and chocolate in downtown Asheville. At 11:30pm we were still laughing at nonsense like who was our first kiss (Eric Starr) and what kinds of plastic surgery we would have if we ever had plastic surgery (tummy tuck).
And today, both of my kids slept until 9am. We went to church, took naps, went to the playground, God made it be 63 degrees here just for me and Matt and I went on a date to cheap mexican food and to see "Juno".

It just doesn't get better than that for a thirtieth birthday.


erinshelton said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Many more to come!!!

Spooner said...

Your birthday was pretty darn fun. It was one of the most enjoyable nights in recent memory, that's for sure. Happy 30 friend. You are amazing and stuff that's mushy and almost greeting-card like that should follow that.

Robin said...

I'll say it again... dirty thirty, baby.

you're spectacular. i mean that with all my heart and hard butt.

judy stanton said...

Happy Birthday (a day late), Leslie! I MUST tell you that we were at the beach this past weekend and ate at Bonefish---I remembered what you had put in your blog about the Bang Bang Shrimp, and decided to try them. OMG---the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth!!!! Can't wait to go back and get them again! Thanks for the great tip!

Love, Judy

Buffy said...

Happy Birthday Leslie! I am so glad you had a great week. You are precious and loved!