Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This past weekend, the whole family went to visit Matt's parents in Columbia. This time of year in South Carolina is AMAZING and this weekend was no exception.
75 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Gah, can Spring please hurry up and get here? This weekend totally gave me spring fever. I can't wait!
Anyway, we had a great night on Friday night celebrating Matt's birthday/setting up the Sloan's new in-house wireless network! Hooray for an escape from Dial-up! Early Saturday morning, Matt and I headed to Five Points to run in the Run for the Green 5k, I ran a personal record, 24 minutes and Matt finished a few minutes behind me at 28 minutes. We were both EXTREMELY happy with our times. Give it up for my husband on his birthday (today) for having lost four-inches off of his waist since this time last year! Woah. That is serious weight loss people.

Anyway. We left the 5k and went to watch Watts (our nephew) play in soccer game and score a goal! Woohoo! It gave me soccer fever, watch out world! Asher Sloan is going to be eligble to play next fall!

We pretty much spent the rest of the weekend playing with Nate and Watts at the church Easter Egg hunt, the backyard of the Sloan's, at the McCormicks and back to the Sloan's. Asher slept very well once we got home on Sunday night. I didn't take very many pictures, but those that I did take are on my Flickr page. Take a look!
Here is my favorite:
I told Asher I wanted to take a picture and this is the pose that he struck. No lie.


Michelle said...

Oh, spring, sweet spring. How I wish thee would get to NJ already.
I love that pic of Asher. Ummm, how much does he look like his DAD?! Golly! So cute.

Robin said...

seriously in need of some warm weather!

i'm just glad we don't have to endure the sweltering heat of Columbia anymore.

Asher is a doll baby & i love him.