Saturday, March 29, 2008

I have soulmate types of friends

I was just realizing this week how great my friends are and how well matched-up we are.

My girlfriend Ellen had a birthday on Thursday and we all wanted to help her celebrate the big day. So, she said, "You know what I really want to do? Go to Target. Without kids. With my friends. I just want to wander around the store and not worry about someone falling out of the cart or crying or needing to use the bathroom. Can we go to Target? Is that lame?"

Not lame at all. I wish that I had thought of something like that FOR her!

We are all planning a girls beach trip in a few weekends and we can't wait to get away from Asheville, husbands and children to relax on the beach.

One of my other friends asked me if there were any races that we could run in on Saturday morning. Mind you, not all of the girls going would be taking part. But the fact that just even one of my friends would be interested in running a race while we have three days at the beach away from our kids...that speaks volumes.

And of course, we are know that we have to get to the beach via Trader Joes or Ikea in Atlanta and that we need to be at the beach before 8pm on Thursday so that we can catch Grey's Anatomy.


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Natalie said...

Thanks for the tribute to your girlfriends! I feel honored! I am thankful for you in my life too! I love you and pray your time in Columbia is good!