Friday, March 28, 2008

Quite a week

We have had quite a week with the kids since they were out of school for Spring Break. Exactly what kind of break kids in Mother's Morning Out has yet to be determined.

But we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the Knauers, a snowstorm on Monday, gymnastics class on Tuesday, mommy meltdown on Wednesday, Daddy trip to Chapel Hill on Wed-Thursday and a beautiful sunset today. See pictures below:

Also, we went to the Y this afternoon; but thanks to Spring Break my kids are used to having me around all week and so they promptly lost it when we arrived at Childwatch. They never settled down and I had to load them back up in my car 15 minutes after I got there. We came home and had a great time playing in the yard. But I pouted like a child for a good hour until I could embrace that my kids just wanted to play at home.

I can be as stubborn as a child sometimes.

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