Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ode to the Target Pharmacy

Oh Target Pharmacy, How do I love Thee?
Let me count the ways...
1. You are located inside of Target.
Even if my child is coughing up a lung and screaming because of an earache, Target is there for me. To comfort me with the promise of cute clothes that I can't pass up.

2. Easy to read labels.
You designed a bottle so that the label can lay flat and I can easily read everything that I need to know about my kids prescriptions. I love that!

3. Color coded bottles.
When three people in our family are on medication at the same time, we can tell who's is whose by the color coding. Genius!

4. The easy to fill liquid stopper in the bottle.
This is really the reason why I fill my prescriptions here. You put a stopper in the top of the bottle so that I can insert the syringe, turn the bottle upside down and pull the medicine into the syringe without air bubbles. Ah ha! Accurate dosages without having to turn the bottle and dig around the bottom of the bottle for the final amount of the antibiotic! I love that!

5. Flex Spending Demarcation.
You put a little asterisk next to all of my qualifying health care purchases on my receipt! You also TOTAL my health care purchases and put that on a separate line without adding the tax. I can file for flex spending with ease! It is amazing!

6. Prescriptions filled in 15 minutes.
It might take a little bit longer than this, but at least I can shop in Target while I wait. At our local CVS, it might take an hour to get a prescription filled and there is not a whole lot that I can ONLY get at CVS. While Target has LOTS of things that my CVS doesn't. And I don't have to deal with the attitude that is behind the counter at CVS. I swear, they have the meanest pharmacy techs there.

My local CVS has officially lost all of my business. My true love is at Target.
I am even considering get a REDCard because for every 10 prescriptions that you get filled with the card, you get 10% off your next purchase at Target. Do these people know their market or what?

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Michelle said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I have only recently discovered the wonder of filling prescriptions at Target but I'm already a fan--for all the reasons you mentioned. They are absolutely the BEST and I've also been telling everyone I know. Even though our Target is about 20 mins away, I will make the trip there for our future meds just b/c it's a better experience and, of course, I ALWAYS need something at Target.