Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Risk Taker

It has rained about three inches today in Asheville, there is water all over the roads. Completely treacherous driving conditions. So of course, I show up to pick my kids up from Mother Morning Out with NO CAR SEATS IN MY CAR.

Matt had taken the kids this morning and we never exchanged seats, nor did I even think about it. Until I had my daughter in my arms in the driving rain standing outside of my car feeling like a dummy.

What am I supposed to do? Matt is 45 minutes away and both kids are on the verge of losing it because it is 1pm and nap time. So, I do what any responsible mom does and straps the kids in the car and away we drive. But I obey every single law on the road because oh yeah, my license expired since I turned 30 over the weekend. My inspection is out of date (it expired last weekend too) and pretty much I will be arrested on the spot for endangering my children's lives in the backseat.

Another proud moment in motherhood. Brought to you by the irresponsible 30-year old in Asheville.


Buffy said...

Don't feel too terrible. I did the same thing yesterday when I picked up Mag from school. The babies were in their seats, but Mag was seatbelted and loving every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

the title of this blog makes me think of "Bottle Rocket"... that was a good movie you introduced me to, and it's currently on my DVR.