Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

We went to the lake this past weekend and we did a little "Drinkclip" photoshoot. (Stay TUNED)

But *ahem*
May I just go ahead and say, if you would like to have an introduction to this young man here,
I will personally vouch for him and set you up on a blind date.

Just let me know.
Also, you must comment here:
It's your call.


Courtney said...

Hot... definitely hot

Elizabeth Ann said...

No beans about it, he's hot!

Anonymous said...

i like how the rake handle covers up the pectoral bowl. Is there a grizzclip in the works? -hancock

Betsy Cory said...

smokin' hot

Pipsylou said...

hot, but are the pants too tight? i worry about his future fertility.