Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puppy Love Pictures

We are loving our puppy Ranger.
He has been a delight to add to our lives and we are so glad to have him. Even hearing Lucy shriek, "Ranger! Ranger! Ranger!" about 700 times a day is cute...sometimes.

He is adorable and funny and he has even given new life to Slappy. She steals all of his toys-with a growl and a bark. It turns out our old wiener dog is a bit of a bully. Who knew?

He extremely talented at fetching and retrieving and biting. He bit Matt's ear and drew blood this week and has managed to decimate a cell phone and ipod charging cord all in the same day.

But we love him. He is so definitely ours and we are smitten.
How could you not love something as cute as him?


Becca said...

I am overwhelmed by the cuteness. Maybe Jackson needs a puppy friend... Probably not.

Amy Noll said...

Second picture has so much goodness in it. Cute puppy, child, and one well toned bicep. Wonder who took that one?