Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Bird

Just over a week ago, we had a nesting bird hatch four baby birds on front porch in a very convenient location for us to watch the whole thing unfold.
It was very exciting and much anticipated. 
On Sunday, the baby birds were chirping super loud and the kids wanted to "take a peek" so we lifted them up to look inside the nest. The birds were so small and so cute.
We gave a stern warning about no touching and headed inside to get ready for the day.

That lasted approximately 30 minutes. 
While I was getting ready, Asher grabbed one his little chairs and headed onto the front porch for further investigation. 
He comes back inside with a big, triumphant smile on his face and declares, "I just touched the birds!"
The looks on our faces must have conveyed how displeased we were because immediately he started crying, followed by leading us to the scene of the crime. 

We had no idea what would happen to them. But had a pretty good idea. 
We left for a couple of hours only to return and find three featherless, baby birds gasping for breath on our front porch and sidewalk.
Teachable moment #4056 of Asher's life.

I googled what to do and google said, put the birds back and leave the nest well alone. 
We all complied.
And have been nervously watching over the nest ever since and the Momma bird just resumed feeding the birds as if she hadn't given them the boot just hours before. 
And she feeds them all day every day ever since. I love watching it. 

So now, all day long-I hear the birds chirping, calling for their momma to come and feed them. Totally dependent on her for everything and it reminds me. 
It calls me.

It has set within me the reminder that this is how I am with God. I am dependent on him for my everything. Every bit wisdom. Every bit of depth, gentleness, goodness, self-control. Anything good or worthy has been hand-delivered to my soul by him. Through him. Through Jesus. On the cross. 
And he watches over me.

When I throw myself out of the nest, he lovingly puts me back.
And watches over me as I feed again.
As if nothing ever happened.
And get nourished.
And grow.
What a picture of grace. 

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