Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucy Video Monday

I have a series of videos that I have taken of Lucy lately that really make me laugh. There are several reasons for this.
1) she is really funny.
2) she is in preschool, so she is around the house more than anyone else in my world.
3) she is just like me.
4) Thus, she is really funny.

This was after her fourth soccer goal (be still my heart) and yes, that referee is wearing no shoes. Welcome to Asheville everyone.

Asher was trying to mess up Lucy singing the song, she when she got tripped up she had to get through the whole song really quickly to make up for the mistake. This gift is from her father, not from me.

This is at 8am. But you can hear this training going on at 6:30am as well. It is much cuter at a reasonable hour.

well, what can you say about this? Sometimes you just have to be insane.


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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have them for a few weeks this summer. Y'all want to go ahead and let me have them now instead of waiting 'til July?

Carolyn said...

holy cow you have cute kids