Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let the Madness Begin

We are heading to France in just a few days.
The excitement is welling up within me because le Tour is freaking amazing this year. 
The winner is not even close to a foregone conclusion and we are going to get a front row seat to the days that will decide the winner. I  can't wait. 

Before we go, we are throwing a birthday party for our 6 year old. 
I can't believe he is going to be six. 

And we have about a million little details to go over. 
Like packing our kids for two weeks.
Ourselves for FRANCE for two weeks.
Getting Amy Noll set to dog sit for two weeks. 
And making sure that everything is in order for my job while I'm gone.

Little things like that. 
No wonder I am waking up at 5:30-6 in the morning in cold sweats. 
It is going to all work out. 

All I can think about is doing things like:

the Wine Safari

Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris

visiting Cassis

Aix en Provence

Lavender Fields

Bastille Day

Alp d'Huez

Champs Elysees

Totally worth it. 

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Beth and Chris Maslin said...

and crepes. and nutella. and bordeaux. and croissants. can you tell what is on my pregnant mind? i hope you guys have a fantastic trip! i know you will enjoy every second of it.