Monday, February 13, 2012

I've Got the Mondays

I'm in the middle of a pretty long week around here.

I tried to get up a little early this morning to spend a little time to "myself." That was interfered with by a dog (I don't know which one) making a throw up sound in our room. No throwing up. But that behavior was supplanted when one of the dogs began licking its butthole. Repeatedly.

So that was a sweet alarm clock.

I got myself up, let the dog out. And took care of my "personal business."
When I came back to the door, Ranger had very kindly covered himself in turkey poop.
At 6:30am.

Time for a bath.
In my nicely cleaned bathroom.
With a dog that has dark, black hair. YAY!
After I bathed my dog, I got to clean the bathroom and wake my children up.

One child got up and decided he didn't really like any of the options for breakfast or anything I was making for lunch.
Too bad.
Then, dragged his feet through all the rest of his morning chores, brushing his teeth, putting on his shoes and then decided a light little jacket in the middle of February when it was 18 degrees outside was good enough. We had to go through 3 jacket changes, do his hair and blow his nose before also taking our neighbor to school.

Got them off, took Lucy to school but not before realizing that my laptop was at Matt's office and were I to do anything related to my job today, I needed to go get it.

I managed to grab it and return home by 9:30 to get my day under way.

But I am worn out and a bit cranky and I want so badly to be joyful in the midst of my day and serving my family. How does one do this when everything seems like an uphill battle?
It felt like an attack this morning telling me "You can't do it all and you shouldn't even try" and to "give up." Truthfully, I totally failed.
I yelled at Asher.
I yelled at Matt.
I grabbed Ranger by the ear and yanked him back in the house.
It was no fun to be at my house today.

But a little space.  A little quiet.
A little renewal and the truth can settle into your bones that nothing has been done that can't be undone.
And I am a work in progress too.
I need grace and mercy every bit as much as my husband and my children do.
It is hard to apply it to yourself.
Especially when I am so intense and want everything to go right.

And all I wanted was a little quiet time this morning. To get my day started right.
I think its more important sometimes for it to end well. Right?

Let's hope so. And let's all hope for Tuesday.

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