Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 2 in Review

Week 2 blew right on past us and we are now nearly done with Week 3!
I am going to try to catch you up as best I can.

We started off on Saturday night when campers left.
Our friend Patrick missed his high school graduation to come on work crew. We felt like it was only right, when all of his friends were walking across the stage to graduate back home; to throw a graduation at camp.

Camp Speaker James Rockwell helping adjust the tassel.
Thankfully, the camp director agreed and printed a "diploma", grabbed a cap and gown from the prop closet and after campers left...the speaker (James Rockwell) said a few words about how so many of us have given up things to come to camp, but Patrick gave up a major life event that was taking place back home at that very minute and we wanted to honor that. Patrick walked across the stage to receive his diploma and the entire club room filled with assigned team, summer staff and work crew erupted in applause and started a chant, "Shelow, Shelow, Shelow" (his last name).
They then rushed the stage and went crazy on him.
It was one of the best moments I've ever experienced. Goosebumps all over.
It was WAY better than any high school graduation that I've ever been to.
And it was on the heels of hearing over 70 kids stand up and say they accepted Jesus.

So then going into the week, we had a BLAST!
Lucy and I grabbed tons of swag from the Volleyball Tournament.

Asher and Lucy looked adorable on Western Night.

Matt and the guys were hilarious all week. 

We took the kids on the All-Camp Hike and it was great! 

We have been loving it here!

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