Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fill My Playlist!

I am 65 days aways from running the Marine Corps Marathon and I can't wait!

We just got back from Colorado and I trained while out there and I am feeling fit and good. Ready to train for the next two months and it is so fun to look down the barrel of two hard months of running, training and things being out of my comfort zone for awhile.

But then I remember why I am running. We were in church on Sunday we sang a song that played in a video that was made in the final months of Amy Patwa's life. And it made me miss her so so so much. This week would have been her 37th birthday. I tried telling Matt about it and her and I couldn't get through the conversation.

Here is the video:

One of the most unique parts of the Marine Corps Marathon is the Blue Mile. A mile dedicated to Marines who have died in the past year. It is super emotional for everyone who runs. I think it is not just because we are grateful for those who serve in the military (because we are). It is because we pause for only a small moment in time and recognize the finality of death. And sit with the depth and hurt of that loss.

It hurts deeply to love someone with so much life, vitality and joy. And it's not right. 

Which is why I am running for Inheritance of Hope. 
Not to make things right. 
But to recognize that something has gone wrong in these families and to give them space to talk about that and to live life outloud with one another while they have time.

So I have 65 days. I am 1/2 way to my goal of fundraising $1500. 
And I have an empty playlist friends! 
You can't use Spotify at a marathon with 20,000+ people. Your phone just doesn't even work. 

Some of you have mentioned to me that you have really liked this idea in the past, so I am going for it again! 
$25 donation and you get to pick a song that I will run/train to for the next two months! 
Here is the donation link: 

Here is the math: if 60 of you donate, I reach my goal. Also if 60 of you pick out songs that are 4 minutes each that is 240 minutes which is exactly 4 hours long. That is my marathon goal! LET'S DO THIS! 

please be gentle! 
It stinks to run for four hours to crappy music! 
Pick a song you love and I will pray for you and your family the whole time! 

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