Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If Salt Loses Its Flavor...

I am still battling the migraines this week and I came to bed the other night and saw that SALT was all over my night stand, my side of the bed, in the carpet and on top of my freshly laundered clothes.

Matt was already in bed and I kind of freaked out on him, demanding to know what this was? He snapped to attention and then told me that while I was making dinner, he saw Lucy grab the salt shaker and being to chase the cat, "Paisley" all throughout our room shaking salt on the cat and laughing her head off.

Of course, none of the salt made it onto Matt's side of the bed. Just mine. Oh, and he never did stop her. She just got tired of the game and put the salt back where it belonged. I; on the other hand, spent twenty minutes making sweet love to the dustbuster so that I could go to bed without feeling like I was at the beach.

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