Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Wiggles

It is Lucy's birthday week so most of the posts will be about her for the time being.

Matt's parents being the loving grandparents that they are bought tickets for our family and them to go see the Wiggles on Saturday for Lucy's birthday. Gammy pulled some strings and we ended up with NINTH row tickets to see my kids favorite television personalities!

I dressed the kids in their Halloween costumes (since we went as the Wiggles). Matt and I declined to take part in the dressing up part :). When we got inside, the kids tore into the programs that included Wiggles stickers and put them all over everyone and everything around them.

It was unbelievable.
I would be lying if I didn't admit that I teared up a bit when the Big Red Car came out on stage. My kids were mesmerized the whole time. These guys definitely know how to put on a show! Murray read EVERY SINGLE sign that kids made in the crowd and they came down into our section and said hi to all of the kids. Each Wiggle took their time with the special needs kids around us (it made me love them a little more that they did that).

As the concert was ending, Matt and I grabbed the kids and rushed towards the stage. Asher and Lucy both got to give Jeff a high-five. They have been talking about it ever since!

Truthfully, I think that I was as excited if not more than my kids. I have logged some serious hours with the Wiggles in the last three years and this was definitely a highlight!

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