Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Ain't Christmas If You Ain't Bruised

Last night, I was heading home from a smooze-fest for work and I got a call from Matt that went something like this,

"Hey Les! I was just putting Asher in the car and holding Lucy's arm and she fell to the ground howling in pain!!!"

I hear Lucy screeching in the background.

"Now, she just keeps saying, 'My elbow, my elbow.' and not moving her arm at all!"


I have Matt call our doctor, head to the ER and I meet him there. I walk in, see Lucy sitting stiff as a board on Matt's lap and she starts crying hysterically as soon as she sees me.

I take her in my arms and hold her because well, there are REALLY sick people in the ER.

Thankfully, the doctors and nurses know that as well and we are taken back VERY quickly where our doctor pretends he is just going to take a look at it, while our daughter is screaming bloody murder and he "pops" it right back into place.

That's it. About 30 seconds later, Lucy is off of the table and chasing Asher around the exam room. Of course, Asher then climbs onto the "rolly chair" and rolls it into the metal "rolly table" and all three of them "roll" into the "stable" wall and make a noise that sounds like Matt picked up both kids and threw them into the wall in a rage that might mimic Rocky Balboa. A nice nurse came into the room to check and make sure that no one was getting hurt.

We made sure to look like the nice, responsible, Volvo driving family that we are before smacking the kids into shape and kicking them down the hallway to get into the car to drive home.

Cause there's no place like Home for the Holidays.

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ellen said...

So sorry this happened! We had that issue a couple of times with Mary Des. It is pretty common but it is still hard to see your child in that much pain!