Monday, July 5, 2010

Emerald Coast

This time last week, we were spending a lovely several days with my parents, sister and her two kids. We had a BLAST. The beach was amazing (thanks to the Westerly winds of Hurricane Alex) and there were no signs of oil or any reason to stay away from the water. But as you can tell from the pictures, lots of others tourists stayed away. It was like our own private beach!

The water was beautiful and it made me so sad to think that the oil was just 50 miles away.
How many years will it be before we can enjoy this spot again?
Classic hide behind your kid pose perfected by my sister.
The Lamb ladies were representing in PCB. Woohoo!
Hats all around!
My aunt Mary and cousin Edward came down for a couple of nights and played with us too.
It was so fun to see them!
Awww RiRi.

We had a great weekend together (even if it required a 10 hour drive by myself with the kids to get down there) and there is nothing that brings this oil spill crisis into focus more than seeing someplace you love getting ruined. Just this morning, two tennis ball sized tar balls washed up on the beach in PCB. I am so glad we got to enjoy it before we lost this family treasure to BP's oil spill.


Michelle said...

I have NO idea what you mean by the class "hide behind your child pose." HAHAHA! Cold busted.
That was my favorite visit to PCB thus far.
It makes me sad too thinking of what the months to come will bring to those glorious beaches.

Candice said...

We went to PCB in early June as well. It was gorgeous!!! We have a place there and are wondering what to do with our next couple of summers?!?!?!? I can't believe it. I am hoping for the best. But planning for the worst. That said, we are planning next summer's vacay to Ashville!!! Let the countdown summer I am coming your way!!!! =)