Sunday, July 4, 2010

Raising Small Children and Throwing Soft Cheeses

The 2010 Tour de France has begun.

On Saturday morning, for the Prologue I had a little meat and cheese, nutella brunch at my house and watched two hours of men riding on bikes one minute apart.

Yes, I did. And somehow I convinced my children that this was the most important thing that Mommy could be doing today.

And I did it again today. But success today was measure by Asher saying "Mayo June" (yes, that's how he said it-not how it is spelled. I know that) and Lucy declaring that she would indeed be "King of the Mountains"

My work here is nearly done.
20 more days and my children will be fully indoctrinated and will be able to say Fabian Cancellara and know many many things about him.

In case you have missed the joy of this tour, go ahead and watch this little commercial from Radio Shack (I know) and enjoy the hilarity of the fact that I took four years of French and know next to none outside of this sport.

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becca said...

i'm on sabbatical and jed is off for the summer, so we drank coffee and watched the tour til noon today (we had some catching up to do after our vacay). perfection.