Friday, October 1, 2010

Running on Ice

Last night while driving, I was listening to a song that I hadn't heard since college:
Falling Down by Vertical Horizon.

And I remember every single word to this song because it meant so much to me. And it still does. The words ring true because of these lines:

Hating, lying to myself
I'm tired of telling myself it's OK
To be this tired
Just sick and tired of the turns the world takes
And the people that it makes us be
And lately it appears to me that

And I'm falling
Falling down
Falling down

But the big BIG time lines in this song that really got me in college and get me now are these:
Where does the time go
Spinning my wheels
Standing still
It's like running on ice
I only gain a little distance when I fall

I only gain a little distance when I fall.
Sometimes life can feel like that. Just a hamster on a wheel and you aren't making forward motion. Except when you take a risk and it doesn't turn out like you plan, you aren't happy with it and you learn a "life lesson." Is it worth it? Yes. Does it hurt to fall? Every time.
Can you avoid the pain, hurt and exhaustion and yet still get the joy of "distance"? I doubt it.

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