Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vacation Arguments

Remember when you were a kid (or maybe this was just me) and the stress of getting out of town on a vacation sent everyone into a tizzy and before you knew it your parents were arguing over the most insane thing? [except my mom just let me know that this never ever happened in our house. Ever. Sorry Mom. I have no idea where I got that.]

Like say, bikes being attached into a roof rack? Just hypothetically speaking of course.

Or...that is exactly what happened to us as we left town last Friday.

I loaded everything into car, scurrying around trying to get us ready to go the MINUTE that Asher got off the school bus.
I secured the bikes on the roof rack. Matt arrived, we got in the car and landed at the bus stop.
He got out of the car and "double-checked" the bikes.

They weren't secure enough to his liking. So he asked me how the roof rack 1) worked 2) if we had bungee cords to further attach the bikes 3) was I sure that the bikes were secure.

I confirmed #1 & 3 and once Asher was in the car, we argued about how Matt didn't "trust" my abilities to get us together for trip/bikes/life for the next hour or so.


We arrived at Matt's parents house no worse for the wear, just slightly more exhausted from effort of that conversation and we went out dinner.
We came back, happy as clams, listening to the ipod and jamming out as a family.

Matt's parents weren't there and this led Matt to pulling directly INTO the carport.


He looked at me.
I looked at him.
I mentally said to myself "DO NOT GET MAD. This was an ACCIDENT. BE COOL."

He said to me, "Just tell me what it looks like," as he pulled open the sunroof.
I got out of the car and:
His seat post was sheared off.
The house was undamaged. The car was not damaged. The roof rack was intact.

And the bikes?
Still secure.

We laughed. The next morning. Or so.


robin said...

even more hysterical the second time around. I love you guys somethin fierce.

gooddog said...

this made eric and i laugh very hard.
it's not like we were laughing AT you guys... just that we've been there.
heather bland