Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awful Sad

How sad is it  when you see these decals on cars that are smashed up on the back of tow trucks?
Why is it that all of the sudden I find my mind wandering to wanting to know ALL of the gory details about their wreck and if they are okay and if the kids are okay and the dog and cat are taken care of...and then I hear the ......thwaaccckkk thwacckkkkkkk of the guard thingy that lets you know you are heading into the guard rail and are close to being on the back of one of those tow trucks if you don't get your mind together.

I hate these decals.
Please refrain from using them on your car.
My public service announcement to you.

While we're at it:

Can we all agree that these decals IN PARTICULAR are a bad idea?

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