Tuesday, August 2, 2011

France Overview

Our trip to France was super francetastic.

This is how the trip went day by day:

July 10, drove from Asheville to DC. Stayed overnight in DC and on
July 11 went running to try to burn off some energy before flying for 9 hours. Flight was at 8pm. We landed in Iceland on 

July 12 at 7am their time, 3am our time. Took off at 8:30am, landing in Paris at 1pm their time, 7am our time. Wow. We had a TGV train booked to take us to Avignon and we picked up our rental car. At dinner in Avignon and then headed to our apartment in Apt. Here is a link to check out the apartment and to book it for yourself: Marston House
Enough can not be said about this apartment. Location, price, beauty. It was fantastic and super awesome. We loved it and the town of Apt like crazy. More on this later.

July 13-20 - stayed in Apt. While there we have visited Avignon, Cassis, Uzes, Sault, Gordes, Rousillon, Lacoste, Menirbes, and Aix-en-Provence. We took a wine safari tour one day and learned about how they make wines in the different regions of Cote du Rhone, and we sampled...lots.  Here is the website for the wine safari: Mike's Wine Safari This was seriously our favorite. Mike was amazing as a tour guide and we loved the whole day. 

July 20-23 - In the Alps.  Watch the tour on stage 19 on Alp d'huez on the 22nd. We stayed in Les Deux Alps. It was a small ski apartment. Pretty basic but PERFECTLY located for Alp d'Huez. And cheap. Which is crucial. And if we had more time, we could have seriously done some summer glacier skiing and mountain biking, which would have been awesome. Les Deux Alps

July 23 - traveled from Alps to Paris through Grenoble.
on July 23, we landed in Paris and took a fantastic bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours. More on this later.
We stayed at Hotel Muguet in Paris. It was perfectly located in Rue Cler and had great rooms, very good service and we loved our stay.   

July 24-Final day of the Tour de France in Paris! We watched it on the Champs Elysee. Amazing.

July 25 - Sightseeing in Paris.

July 26 - Leave Paris and fly back to DC


Now the pictures will begin to make sense if you know where we've been and what we've done in the last two weeks!

Updates are coming!

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