Monday, January 9, 2012

Almost One Week In

We are almost one week into the "Chubbiest Loser" and I am not going to lie, it's been tough.

It is always hard to take a look at your "food addictions" or let's just call them "habits" that have turned into a "lifestyle" that had creeped all over us. Without a major change, you never notice that every night you just sit down and watch TV for HOURS.

Or how often you reach for mindless snacks when you get stressed, hurt or frustrated. Instead of reaching for food, we now have to reach resolution. This is better in the long run, but sometimes a bit exhausting. :)

But the payoff?
Matt is down nearly 10 pounds.
I have lost 5.


In one week?
That seems crazy.

We have changed a lot around here.
But none of it has been terrible. Well, there was one terribly cranky day (Thanks Diet Coke for that addiction) but other than that. We are full, happy and have lots more energy. And are sleeping better at night. Matt isn't snoring anymore! YAY!

What have we been eating?
It has been a hybrid: Biggest Loser/Weight Watchers/Mediterranean Diet that I call: The Pinterest Diet.

If a recipe looks appetizing on Pinterest and is low in calories, carbs and high in fiber, I make it.
It has worked out fabulously.

Here are some of the recipes I have made:

Dijon Mustard Chicken Packs with Zucchini and Tomatoes

Grilled Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers. These were amazing. 

Biggest Loser Oatmeal Pancakes. The kids and Matt loved these. 

Biggest Loser Turkey Chili. Winner All Around. 

Lemon Water. All Day. Love it. 

It hasn't been killer to make these changes.
Here has been the biggest change. Our mindset. If I am going to buy all this produce, then we are going to eat that food that is sitting on the counter or in the fridge OR ELSE. It is too expensive and time consuming to cut up fruit and have it rot out in the fridge. So, we have to eat it or it goes bad.

This is honestly, a big deal for us.
We are on the go a lot and we eat out more than most people.
This is taking serious discipline to plan and eat around being at home and going to the gym or the park.

The payoff is already rolling in. So that is more incentive to keep going! 


Jill Rutland said...

FYI: we are doing it first weigh in and down over 10 lbs!! We are doing weight watchers and exercising galore!! I cuss every doughnut and regular coke I ever drank/ate!! Love you and know you aren't alone!!

Cam and Meg said...

This will not help with losing weight, but will provide a good laugh when you Need a break from pinterest recipe finding...

Anonymous said...

what if a person were to read this blog post, find you on pinterest, follow you and then repin everything from this particular board? would that be weird or stalkerish?

because i totally did that.

love y'all!

lesliesloan said...

Hilarious! All of you! Thanks for the encouragement!