Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Not to bore you with a million details, but obviously things have been hectic around here this year.

Lucy in kindergarten.
Asher in second grade.


Young Life.

Running half-marathons.

It's a zoo.
But a fun zoo.

Lately, our family has been trying to slowing down to enjoy the ride a little bit more.
It is a challenge to dial back our lives to see each other and make time for living rather than just surviving.
I read this article on the Huffington Post that got me thinking that our family really needs a better morning routine.

We will install the alarm clock idea.
Also, if we are late to school-SO WHAT? No one will die if two elementary school kids are late by 2 minutes.

I think I need to relax on this idea that the world will end if we are not in the line at just the right time. Any other good ideas out there on how to settle down your personal world?

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