Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Day Lululemon Called

Imagine your typical Tuesday afternoon.

Then, you get this phone call:
"Hey Leslie, I read your story in the paper. And I heard you talking last night about your passion for Inheritance of Hope, your friends and the marathon and I just want to do something for YOU. I'm at Lululemon. What are your sizes?"

After I picked my jaw up from the ground, I scrambled to remember my sizes because Lululemon tags are almost as long as receipts from CVS so I always rip them out. 
I figure it out and relay the information.

Five minutes later, my friend calls back and says, "I told your story to the management here and they want to give you a whole outfit. How fast can you get down here?"


I make a mad dash down to Kichen Place in Biltmore to the Lululemon store where the nicest people in the world work (and work out and play and maybe have the most fun anywhere) and they greeted me with confirmation of FREE OUTFIT for raising money and running the race and they thought that was awesome. 

So I got down to business. This is my pre-Lululemon clothing transformation. I am clearly GIDDY.

This is me in the Race Me Short Sleeve Shirt and the Speed Tight. I LOVED this shirt. The pants had a lot of extra material. Which they did tell me they could hem, but I like a crop pant typically so this wasn't really for me. My face tells you how much I love everything I am wearing. I could run 20 miles or go to sleep. It's all so comfy. 

Here I am in the Track and Train Tank and the Mod Moves Crop. Super Cute! But as a former soccer player, I just can't get into the polka dots. If I was buying it just to go to aerobics class or run in fun 5k's around here, I would be WAY into it. These pants fit like a dream and so did the top. But I really don't know what the weather will be like in NYC in 7 weeks, I had to pass.

I obviously did like the pants. They had pockets on the side of the legs (which I would never use) but they added a cute detail. And they were so comfy. But here is where I hit my stride. I tried on this Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeved Shirt that literally feels like my baby blanket. It is so soft. WINNER.

So I retuned to the running shirt I liked (Race Me Short Sleeved Shirt) and paired it with the Fast Cat Skirt in all black. Quick side bar here: If you are like me at all and have a slight problem with a little pee pee when you run, get a running skirt. No one will KNOW. It covers your "zone" and you look SUPER CUTE. <<<<<<<<

So this is the outfit I chose! I've run in it three times this week-that should tell you something. I absolutely love it.

Here are some awesome things to keep in mind about Lululemon because if you see their prices, you might have a heart attack.

I run in their items almost every day and none show wear and tear. I've had a pair of pants for almost two years that I have run in at least weekly and they look brand new. I definitely can't say the same about ANYTHING I've bought at Target, Marshalls or whatever. My Nike pants have held up but they can get pretty stinky.

Lululemon running gear has (I know this sounds bogus-but I'm telling the truth, it works) an anti-stink fabric fiber. My clothes just don't smell bad. Have you ever been next to someone running at the gym and their clothes have that "sour been in the washer too long" smell? Doesn't happen with Lululemon clothing. I swear.

No chafing. Maybe TMI, but whatevs. They have the seams on the outside of the clothes so there is no rubbing when you're running.

I've bought cheap running clothes and you pay for what you get. A bad run that makes it hard to believe that people like to do this for hours. Get the right gear that makes you feel amazing and watch what your body can do.

OH! I forgot the most important thing about Lululemon clothing--it pulls you together. Like, it tightens your bottom and core up because of the design. So you LOOK better than you actually do. See examples above.  If you ever see someone at the gym and think, man--they look awesome. Why don't I look like that. Check for the label. I bet you they are wearing Lululemon pants. NO JOKE.

Also, this brings up an important rule. Running pants are not real pants. They are dangerous to men everywhere. So, take heed. Wear them running. Wear them to work out. Then change into PANTS. Otherwise you will attract attention. And maybe you like that. Maybe you don't. But you've been warned.

I am SOOOO grateful to Lululemon at Kitchin Place for being so awesome to me. I got a whole outfit PLUS the long sleeved shirt thanks to my amazingly generous friend. Go! Try them out! You won't regret it.

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