Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 9 Training Update

Last week was a "recovery week" and it definitely felt like it. My long run was 12 miles and somehow that brought me great relief. And I got to have three days off. My total mileage was still 31 miles but I felt fresh as a daisy approaching this week. It's crazy what taking a couple of miles off and one extra day will do to your body!

But this week was no joke. The prescribed mileage for the week was 35-40 miles with a 16 miler on Saturday.

Starting on Monday, I had a 7 miler to complete. But half-way through I felt something was not quite right with my body. I got freaked out and quit around 4 miles. Went to see the doctor on Wednesday and she told me everything was fine and so I got right back to it. It's crazy how you have so many hours alone thinking about how you are feeling that as soon as you don't feel awesome, you want to know WHY.

So I got right back to training and managed to get my miles in. My legs are feeling that I ran 4 days straight and so my training pace went down a bit but I got the overall mileage I wanted.

On Saturday, I joined up with the running ladies and we knocked out 12 miles together and I tacked on additional four so I could get my 16. It is so fun to run with someone for a majority of the long run. I am really going to miss them for the last month of my training. We have the Asheville Citizen-Times 1/2 Marathon in two weeks, so I think they will all stop running once they hit the finish line. :(
I will still have my 20-miler to accomplish! 

Saturday long run was pretty great. A little off my pace for training but that is what you get when running in a large group. I was only off by a minute or two so I am not going to stress. 

And it was another record breaking week! Woo HOO! 

Gear of the Week:
Smart Wool Running Socks: The temperature dropped substantially last night and it was 51 degrees to start running this morning. I would have run in these socks if it had be 65. They wick sweat incredibly and no blisters. I really love them. Wish I had more than one pair! Into the wash they will go. 

Gatorade Carb Blocks: I got these in my StrideBox a few weeks ago and they really hit the spot around mile 10/11. It is just enough sugar and carbs to give you a boost when you need it but not too much to overload your stomach and give you the trots. 

Lululemon Fast Cat Running Skirt: I have a super fun story to share with you in my next post, but I LOVE my Lululemon running skirt. It is a peeing mom's best friend when you run. No one can see and you look super cute. It also wicks away any moisture really fast. LOVE it. So glad I have it. I'm hoping for warm weather during the marathon so I can wear it. 

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