Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My 100th post!

Wow, I have been blogging for just over two months and I am already at 100 posts-I must have a lot to say. Which is not a surprise for many of you, I know!

I discovered over the weekend that Lucy has crazy hair on both sides of her head, long enough to put into pigtails. Check it out:

Her hair made me laugh all day long. I am definitely going to Target later to buy more hair ties so that we put her hair up more often!

Isn't it weird how we all of the sudden discover things about ourselves, like being able to pull your hair into a pony tail that we could do for awhile, but we never realized it? Or even something as simple as discovering new combinations of clothes in your closet that make old things seem new? I love that!


robin said...

oh my gosh!!! her widdle piggywiggytails are so precious!

i know what you mean about rediscovering your closet. you gotta do that when you are broke but want new clothes.

Kim said...

leslie, good too see you and see how happy you are. congrats.

Spooner said...

100 posts? well done! I feel like we should make you a cake like they do for TV shows. It's an excuse to have cake; go with it.
Keep up the good ranting!

Jessica Freas "Freeze" Kenny said...

How cute! At first, I didn't see the pigtails... then read it! Hahaha! It made me laugh!

Yes! Love finding "new" clothes... I just don't like finding the ones that don't fit since the last time I wore them! Aaahhh!

Good to have you back and hope the computer treats you with some respect!

Michelle said...

Congratultations on 100! That pic of Lucy in pigtails is too cute! She already has more than Sarah!!!

Buffy said...

Oh my gosh. She is adorable! I can't believe how big she is...and that I'm missing it! I miss those kiddos - and you and Matt, of course!

Love you,

naughty drawdy said...

Just WOOK at your sweet little tots! They are SO BIG and Lucy is GORGEOUS... love these pics - LOVE this blog!