Saturday, June 16, 2007

On the Road Again

Matt and I left with a busload full of high schoolers at midnight last night and headed north.

We stopped for breakfast outside of Baltimore, MD and then on to Philadelphia by lunchtime. We arrived in downtown Philly to take a quick run up the steps that Rocky made famous in one or all of the Rocky movies.

Then we went to a downtown market to eat lunch. I stood in a line for over an hour to get a Philly Cheesesteak.I mean it was good and all, but seriously, does it really take an hour to make cheesesteaks?

Then we checked into the hotel and ran off to the Philly/Tigers baseball game. Matt and the boys all took off their shirts and painted themselves with ketchup all in hopes of getting on the giant video screen, they never did. But it was hilarious and all of these serious Philly fans were not very excited to have a group of guys standing up and singing for the last four innings. But the Philly's won and so all ended well. We just got in and you know that this trip has made high schoolers tired because, it is 10:40 and all of the girls in my room are getting ready for bed!

We leave at 6:30am tomorrow and drive for seven-to-eight hours tomorrow to get up to Lake Placid to go to YL camp on Saranac Lake!

We are tired, but fired up to get there. To see more pictures so far, check out the flickr link!


Michelle said...

I'm so excited that I got to see y'all on the road this morning! It was a super way to start my day. Granted, it's not as good as a whole week at the beach but I'll take 10 mins at a BKing as a substitute. Hope you have a great time at camp and will check back on the blog regularly for more pics. Looks like a really good time at the game last night. Love ya!

robin said...

oh wow.

i am so jealous right now. i freaking love Young Life camping. It's so exciting & scary going into it all.

remember me when you go parasailing!