Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Free to a Good Home

Two adorable children. A boy and a girl, two years old and ten months old. They have had all of their shots, mostly are sweet. Lately, they have the propensity to be up all night long in 30 minute increments, one right after the other. Also, they have been battling a mystery illness that makes them cough like they have been smoking their entire lives and have forced us to have them be on antibiotics four times in four weeks. They have since recovered from the illness which makes the up-all-night parties quite a drain; which is why they are free rather than charging $30.

They come with clothes, some diapers and tons of toys which need to leave my house immediately.
They are all packed and are sitting at the end of my driveway. First come, first served.


Anonymous said...

I feel like placing this ad at least 3 times a month. Last night, in fact, our middle child Margaret Briggs slept with me in our bed and Stephen was demoted to the couch. I hate that your two have been sick.....it cripples a family really. Keep blogging..I love reading it.

Michele Kelly

Buffy said...

Can we have a garage sale and I'll add my three?


MJG said...

You are hilarious.
Please print this out and save it for when they're older and can read it!