Sunday, November 18, 2007

A New Day?

I am so much to update you on and I will be working in the next day to talk about this past weekend, which was amazing. But, I have something else to tell you.

Asher has begun potty training.

Yes, that is right. I have no expectations that this will actually work and I am sure that this is going to become the most frustrating portion of my life. But, I could tell that we had a window. He has been talking about potty's in the past month and seemed interested in the last few weeks. SO...last week, both kids had colds and they sounded like (once again) they have both been smoking since they were born. I didn't feel like getting kicked out of the YMCA because my children infected everyone with their colds, so we stayed home for the entire day. That never happens. We all get cabin fever, so I try to keep them moving a lot of the morning typically, so staying home was a big deal committment. Since we were home, I just decided that we were going to give the ole potty a try.

So, I pumped Asher FULL of applejuice for a good hour. If he didn't have his sippy cup in hand, I was hounding him about it. "Where is your sippy cup??? Can you drink that for me please? Would you like more juice???" He drank and drank until he was about to explode, which is when I took his diaper off and put underwear on him. He wet through those and one more pair. I finally wised up and didn't let him out of my sight. I asked if we could read books while he sat on the potty. We read books for like five minutes, when he started peeing! Yes, that is right. My son peed three times in 30 minutes.

Then about every 7-8 minutes after that, we made regular trips back to the potty. By noon, he had peed three times in the potty and even pooped! I was feeling very accomplished.

I didn't want to make it a high pressure situation, so I put a diaper on him for his nap and we were done with the potty for the day and the rest of the weekend.

Tonight, he took a bath with Lucy and played in the living room naked for about 40 minutes when I saw him doing to pee pee dance. He has never even come close to doing this before. He knew that he should go sit rather than just let it go! That was big time! So we went and sat down and I read a book and he peed just a little. I mean BARELY. And he knew that he could get away with asking for an M&M. So I caved, but I kept trying to get him to sit back down. But he was losing it and I didn't want to make it a rough situation. So I let it go. But about four minutes later, I knew he needed to go back in there. Matt took him this time and he pooped and peed again!

I have no idea if we will keep this up. But since we are going to be home this week, I think that we can make more of an effort than if we were on the road somewhere. I am really excited, because believe me...the cost of diapers adds up. And Asheville guilt makes me feel terrible about all of the diapers going into the landfill, cause you know that crap ain't disintegrating. We might well be in diapers for the next year with Asher, but feel free to keep the loving thoughts coming our way, cause I would LOVE for those days to be over.

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Buffy said...

Amazing! That's so great! He is doing awesome. What a big boy. Hang in there, Mama!