Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lookee What We Found Here

Last night we put Asher to bed and thought that he was exhausted. We went downstairs where I wrote letters and visited with Buddy Odom. 

Matt came back to the house around 11:30 and we went upstairs, opened our pocket door to our suite and found Asher curled up on the floor using his blankie as a pillow. He also brought his dog "Bats" along for moral support.

Pretty much my favorite thing so far on this assignment. That and Cheerwine slushies. 


Olivia said...

leslie- i LOVE reading your blog. this is the sweetest picture and hilarious that asher is actually able to sleep on the floor.hope you all are having a great assignment..windy fun!

:) olivia ogle

Michelle said...

That is too cute! Can't you just picture how he came to be there? Probably playing around, being sneaky and then just so tired he curled up and fell asleep...
I'm so glad you got a picture of that. You should frame it and put in his room at home!
A sursi should be reaching you pretty soon...Let me know when it gets there.

Buffy said...

Soooo adorable. Miss y'al so much.


gooddog said...

great pic, leslie. still thinking about ya'll. and, yum, cheerwine slushies!