Friday, June 6, 2008

Pictures of the Week


We are busy wrapping up week 2 right now. Our kids have been having the time of their lives and are exhausted. Asher has been staying up until 9 every night and one night even 10:30!
He is a little drunk on the freedom of life at camp and from being bleary eyed at not getting enough sleep. Lucy is adjusting to meals in the dining hall (finally) and so we are all settling in.

We had an especially adorable week on County Fair night and the kids were able to take a horsey ride yesterday morning. Asher got right on, rode around the corral and then holding on with one hand, took his hat off of his head and yelled, "Yeehaw!!" Who is this kid?

We were very proud.

We have had a blast swimming during most of the day. Lucy has discovered that she likes to jump into the bottom of the pool when no one is watching. So we have to always be watching. One of the other moms helped me to discover the joy of innertube with Lucy. At first, she wanted nothing to do with a tube around her waist. But now, she is swimming like a fish with that thing on. She just jumps off the side of the pool right into the water with it on. She is spinning in circles, kicking, everything. It is pretty amazing. And it has helped me to not have a heart attack around the water. My life guarding skills were getting quite a workout.

So here are the pictures. Enjoy!

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Michelle said...

Hello, sister! Those pics are so incredible. Between their cuteness and your photog skills, those are some pretty dang adorable pics of the kids. Especially w/Lucy in that Holly Hobby hat...yummy!
Miss our talks but so glad that you're having a blast.