Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off to Saranac We Will Go

We left this morning for Saranac Village with 57 kids and leaders. We made a pit stop in Washington D.C. to go to the Nationals/Orioles game at the new Washington Nationals stadium.

Just to let you know, the stadium is in the Anacostia portion of DC, which is the murder capital of the U.S. We are also staying at a hotel that is just a few blocks away from the stadium and smack in the middle of the "yet to be revitalized" portion of Anacostia. It was special to pull into our nations capitol and introduce our high school friends to what a real ghetto looks like. Seriously.

The only way that Matt could put it diplomatically on the microphone to encourage them to NOT leave the hotel under any circumstances was to say, "I am sure that you have been in safer neighborhoods in your life..."

We went to the game and met up with my little brother Drew and a friend of his, Sammie. We had a great time catching up until the bottom of the 5th inning when the Heavens opened up and we were in the middle of a torrential downpour. I have never seen a rain/lightening storm quite like that before.

So we left and now we are heading to bed cause we have to get on the bus at 5am for a 10-hour drive into camp.

Our children are being graciously housed at my parents for the week. It was an amazing drop-off with the kids. Asher made it seem like the whole trip was his idea.

"I want to go to RiRi and Opa's house. Can I ride in their car? How about Mommy and Daddy go on a real long date and then come pick us up?"

Well, wasn't that convenient?
We just strapped that kid into my parents car and got the heck out of dodge!

I accidently left my camera cord at home, so I am going to struggle with updating pictures while we are here. But if I can snag
one from someone else, you can be sure to see the pics!

Thanks for praying and thinking about us!

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Katie said...

leslie, if your laptop has a plug for the camera memory card, you can upload pictures to the laptop that way. one neat thing i discovered not too long ago and by accident while praying "please little card don't get stuck in the side of the laptop."

have a great time at camp!