Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night, I was giving the kids a shower and both were testing my patience mightily.

But none more than Lucy.
She had very VERY busy hands and was using every single product in the shower that was possible.
Since we have two grown-ups that also use that shower, this usually results in many tears because a majority of those products are NOT TEAR FREE.

So I spent the entire time she was in the shower sounding like an insane person:

Stop that.
Stop that now.
I said stop that.
Lucy, please cut it out.
Don't touch that.
Put that down.
It's called a razor honey.
It will cut you.

It went on and on.
So after her shower, I was drying her off and the touching of things continued and I had finally reached my limit and I swatted her bottom.
She got very upset and was sent to her room.
She started yelling from her bedroom an assortment of things that I couldn't understand.

Matt eventually went in there to deal with her and he came out with this report:
"She's calling you a 'Stupid Blockhead.'"

This child that I birthed from my womb called me a "Stupid Blockhead."
In preschooler talk, there is no worse phrase that can be uttered. If there was an equivalent-I think it would be the F-word.

I am pretty sure that the New Yorker in me, just came out in her.


You couldn't have just left these special little words OUT of your little "SPECIALS" could you?


robin said...

bout time your kids wised up. You've always been a blockhead.

also, I'm calling DSS. Spanking AND razor handling? Who are you? :)

Love you!

Nichole said...

This is the season that reminds me every year why I don't like the Peanuts gang.

Michelle said...

I laughed when we talked about this earlier & it is still very funny to me! I'm just waiting for the day my kids repeat back to me "you get what you get and you don't get upset."