Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't You Wish Your Mom Was Just Like Me?

When Asher's school handed me his wish list for Santa this Christmas season, my reaction was #1:
we already have crayons, markers and star for a tree, so check, check and check

we will maybe have turkey, so check

star wars PJ's, indians, and a Christmas cup can all be easily accomplished

I have some concern about a shiny red nose.
Does he mean, like rudolph? Or a clown nose? Does it need to glow? Or can we just buy him a rudolph stuffed animal?
Hmmm. geez.

Food or animal?
Animal: Can I buy a thing that will be sure to die before we go on assignment this summer?
That was actually my thought process.

What is wrong with me?
If someone can tell me, then I will save the money from visiting a counselor.


wes mcmurray said...

how do you know he wants toy indians. he may want the real deal. then you're left with a disappointed child on christmas morn, cause santy didn't bring him an indian.

owen wants neptune...cause it's the blue planet.

Buffy said...

I totally cannot wait to see you guys.

Amy Noll said...

remember, no betta fish. cause you would have to commit murder if you wanted it gone by june. i swear, those things last forever...

Big said...

thank you wes. that was my thought we've gotten him a real indian. from cherokee, really from harrah's casino. i feel like i'm so close to crossing the line even having this conversation.