Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soccer Season

Our families first soccer season has drawn to a close and we went out on a high note.
It snowed on our final game of the season.

I felt like I caught a glimpse of all those games that my mom endured wearing the ugliest clothing combinations that she could muster all in the name of warmth. And I understood.

We had the pleasure of not just one game but two games. An hour or so apart. In the snow. And sweet Amy Noll WANTED to watch three year old and five-eight year old soccer-why? I don't know. Because mainly it looks like this:
Yes. That kid is eating the soccer net.
The other kid is simply growling at the other team.
Not kicking the actual ball. Just growling.
This was the only time Lucy ran during her whole game.
But this is what Y soccer is all about.
1. The trophy.
2. The friendships.
Look how big my boy looks!
3. Learning patience. Waiting your turn.
5. Fundamentals of the game.
How to absolutely destroy a ball into the back of the net.
Look at that focus. Just like his mom.
6. Letting fans of other teams touch us. Until we destroy them in the Swamp.
7. Learning how to cheer on the count of THREE!
8. Perfect the art of the soccer boy stance.
9. We're back to the trophy.
It's all about the trophy.

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