Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I was watching Oprah yesterday (I know, eye roll).
But, she and all of her staff were going vegan for the week and one of her staffers had a super hard time with it. This video shows the interaction that she had during the time:
Click here to watch the video

It got me thinking about the level of addiction that I have in my life.
Not just food.
Yes, I am addicted to bad food and drinks. HELLO DIET COKE.

But also, the noise and busyness level that I have in my life.
I am addicted to the need to be needed and stay relevant. Rather than the need to be quiet and be still.

I am missing the point of life. To have my heart and soul filled with the voice of the one who made me instead of those who would take that from me.

Have mercy.
I am trying to create more space for all of the above.

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