Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are getting a puppy.
We have just three weeks until the dog comes home to live. 
And our world gets turned upside down.

We made the decision to let this happen rather than let a baby happen. 
For now. 
We still really struggled with getting a dog and letting our chaotic life become even more chaotic with the addition of a puppy. 
So a dog seems much safer than a baby. 

We have no names right now that fit. 
The dog is a Boykin Spaniel. 
A great retriever, family dog, hunting buddy and pretty dang adorable. 
Give us your best names. 
We promise to maybe use it. 

EDIT: For assistance, we are getting a MALE boykin spaniel. Does this make a difference? Maybe. Maybe not.


Mama K said...


Anonymous said...

slades sloan (slight variation on sloan-speak) all, sandy/nonnie

Ed Eubanks said...

I vote for Dixie.

(Voters need to keep this in mind: the name should ring when shouted, so that when Matt has to call him/her across the duck pond then it won't hurt his throat to do so.)

Becca said...

You know I love human names for dogs, and the more human the better for yelling them across the yard.

Anonymous said...

"Levi" is in the lead