Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spreadable Disappointment

Have you seen the new Miracle Whip commercials?
Brilliance in 45 seconds is what I call it.

When we went to visit my parents this weekend, all they had in their fridge was Miracle Whip. And the line in the commercial that says, "Who wants to eat a sweet lotion sandwich?" pretty much sums up my sentiments exactly.

Where do my loyalties lie?
Duke's Mayonnaise. Just like every good Southern woman's should.

You can not make egg salad, chicken salad or have a decent roast beef sandwich with anything like Miracle Whip.

BUT, being that I grew up with Miracle Whip...there is nothing like a peanut butter, banana and Miracle Whip sandwich. Just like Elvis did. (I know he used real mayo-but let's just say he used Miracle Whip for argument's sake hmmm? Caliente!!!)
Which side are you on?


robin said...

I agree. The commercial is brillz & hilarious. So well done. Even though I am a Miracle Whip hater. Favorite line: "What's the secret ingredient? Miracles, of course."

Michelle said...

After growing up only loving Miracle Whip, I am almost fully converted to Hellman's. But oh, how I long for a yummy Waldorf salad made with Miracle Whip.