Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buncombe County YL

This year we are so glad to have brought with us some of our high school friends from Asheville to Frontier Ranch to do Work Crew! 

These high school students went through work crew training in January, applied for work crew and were accepted to come to Frontier Ranch. We have 12 other students that are going to YL camps nationwide but we are so lucky to see these friends work, play, love and grow in their faith this month. 

It is a huge honor to get to go on Work Crew and we are pumped to have them here. 

Pictured is (L-R) Luke Haynes, Camille Smargesse, me, Ellie Fuller and Alex Hudak. 

Luke and Alex attend Christ School and Camille and Ellie are rising seniors at TC Roberson. 

Luke is washing dishes (The Pits), Alex is in landscaping (ODC), Camille is in housekeeping (Tawashie) and Ellie is a laundry girl. 

Please pray for them! 

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